San Francisco & bay area with kids

Mission Dolores Park "Helen Diller"  Playground

AT&T Park play area

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  1. The link on your quilt shopping page wasn't working.
    Hi, I saw the headline on your post and thought I would learn something! LOL! Many quilt shops in the Bay Area have closed during the downturn in the economy. So my sister and I go on Shop Hops. There's one this weekend, see: We went on this last year and since my sister is out of town, I'm not going. We are looking forward to Quilt Rush ( in April. This is the only way to find new fabric, ideas, projects, etc except Joann's. You probably already know about Britex, Satin Moon and Stone Mountain & Daughter. That's pretty much it, unfortunately for independent shops in the area. My sister lives in San Jose and there are several in that area. You just have to take a "road trip." I hope this helps you. Rosemary R
    PS I almost forgot there's a shop run by the SF Quilt Guild on Bayshore. Here's their website: