Monday, April 29, 2013

Jazzy Baby

Laura, the creative mind behind Ellie Inspired, released a new pattern on Friday, it is called

Jazzy Baby.

My daughter was already wearing her version on Friday to daycare (she wouldn't take it off after trying it on), because I was pattern testing for Laura. The length was perfect, and this little skirt is so easy to sew, but offers such great possibilites of adding your own style, that you will totally love it.

Did you know that you can now download pdf-patterns from etsy instantly? How wonderful is that? No more work for the shop owner, asking for your email and sending it out manually, but woosh, one click, and it's on your device. Great work, etsy team!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Parsley Pants

I was so lucky - I belong to the group that was testing Rae's new pattern, the parsley pant.

It is very versatile, with 3 pant options and 3 pocket options - so dozens of possibilities to play around.

I started with a pant for my six year old son, and decided to go with the pleat box pockets - never done them before, but smart for a boy. The explanations are so great, it was very easy to do them.
In fact, there is only one pattern piece for the pant (cut out twice) so this pant (as a basic version) can be finished in an hour. Really!

I took my son to the big evil fabric discounter store, and he choose the fabric (initially, he wanted some patriotic one, but I could talk him out of it) - it was one we could both agree on.

Can you see the pockets? Well hidden in the fabric pattern....

While shopping, a tiny voice was saying over and over again: Is that for me? Is that for me? ooh - cute! Is that for me?
Someone is really used to being sewn for...

So I thought from the beginning, maybe there will be enough fabric left to make a skirt for her. But, acutally, afer finishing the boy's pants, there was enough fabric left for another pair of pants in size 3! Hooray (so: 2 yards of fabric,  24 Dollars = 2 pants).

And so a very happy young lady got her own pair of parsly pants:

For her, I choose the slouch pockets. And just as I started to sew them to the leg, I saw the cute elastic ruffle behind my machine (I am not good at tidying up after sewing...) so I added a little bit of girly fun:

And then I thought I would love to make some nice pictures of both. Oh gosh, I ended up promising chocolat for ONE good shot ;-) 

Not sure if these two are the born models. Or maybe I am just a bad photographer....

Anyways, head over to Rae, see the other examples and beautiful kids, and buy your own copy of the parsley pant pattern - it is every cent worth it. And usable from size 1 to 10.

Thanks, Rae, for letting me do the testing,
and see you all soon