Thursday, April 18, 2013

Parsley Pants

I was so lucky - I belong to the group that was testing Rae's new pattern, the parsley pant.

It is very versatile, with 3 pant options and 3 pocket options - so dozens of possibilities to play around.

I started with a pant for my six year old son, and decided to go with the pleat box pockets - never done them before, but smart for a boy. The explanations are so great, it was very easy to do them.
In fact, there is only one pattern piece for the pant (cut out twice) so this pant (as a basic version) can be finished in an hour. Really!

I took my son to the big evil fabric discounter store, and he choose the fabric (initially, he wanted some patriotic one, but I could talk him out of it) - it was one we could both agree on.

Can you see the pockets? Well hidden in the fabric pattern....

While shopping, a tiny voice was saying over and over again: Is that for me? Is that for me? ooh - cute! Is that for me?
Someone is really used to being sewn for...

So I thought from the beginning, maybe there will be enough fabric left to make a skirt for her. But, acutally, afer finishing the boy's pants, there was enough fabric left for another pair of pants in size 3! Hooray (so: 2 yards of fabric,  24 Dollars = 2 pants).

And so a very happy young lady got her own pair of parsly pants:

For her, I choose the slouch pockets. And just as I started to sew them to the leg, I saw the cute elastic ruffle behind my machine (I am not good at tidying up after sewing...) so I added a little bit of girly fun:

And then I thought I would love to make some nice pictures of both. Oh gosh, I ended up promising chocolat for ONE good shot ;-) 

Not sure if these two are the born models. Or maybe I am just a bad photographer....

Anyways, head over to Rae, see the other examples and beautiful kids, and buy your own copy of the parsley pant pattern - it is every cent worth it. And usable from size 1 to 10.

Thanks, Rae, for letting me do the testing,
and see you all soon


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