Friday, February 1, 2013


It took me quite a while to figure out how to find the winner of the give away.

You want to know how I made it?

I asked each of my kids to say a number from 1 to 99, wrote this four numbers down on small papers, and my oldest son made me draw one.

The winner is:

number 75 :

Congratulations, Terry! I will send you an email to ask for your wishes for the panel.

Meanwhile, I was sick (and it took me 10 days to really feel better, but my voice is still elsewhere),  I had to make a pillowcase for my sons Kindergarten teacher, who had to take a longterm medical leave until April ( I hope you will feel better real soon, Mrs. S!)
This is the basket we put together for her, you can see parts of the pillow in the back:

(I thought I would make the pillowcase in a hour. It took me four. The embroidery alone was about 2 hours. I must be crazy. And who has the ugliest pillowcases around? me. I need to make us some nice ones too. )

I got a request to make an elephant for a newborn baby

(it took me one week to finish it. That is a new negative record)

and I finished my Downton Abbey sew along cowl. I got quite obsessed with it. I started over about 10 times, but in the end, I finally had a feeling for the pattern. The pattern was great, I was just too unexperienced to do it right. Now that I know how it works, I will have to make something else with it. Another cowl. Or a shawl.
I really enjoyed knitting.

Meanwhile, I started working on my hugs & kisses project. On one of my hugs & kisses project. Not sure if the other 1-4 projects will make it this year *lol*

sneak peak:

Have a great weekend!


  1. You got lots done - I love the crowl.

  2. hope you are now back to normal and have found your voice again,. You have certainly been busy with the needle whilst under the weather. I can see that elephant being treasured by the little one years after she is little.