Sunday, February 17, 2013

Downton Abbey, tea and

English paper piecing.
First time ever.

Downton abbey over.
So sad. Not the final I have hoped for.

First hexie flower: finished.


  1. I enjoy the English piecing method, find that although it is slow to do it is much more relaxing than machine patchwork, trust you are enjoying doing yours too.

  2. Hexies are such great therapy. It makes me happy. So sad about Downton but you never know. Dan Stevens and family moved to US and he was in a Broadway play "The Heiress".

  3. I just got a bag of pre-cut hexies from the 60s that my sister-in-law's grandmother had planned to do something with. Dear SIL sent them to ME to do something with FOR HER! LOL! So, I'll be learning. Love the close-ups. All the help I can get is welcome. :-)