Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dear visitors,

I will close this blog.
Please haed over to my new german-english blog FISHKOPP to read my exciting news.
And I hope you would like to follow me there too.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Jazzy Baby

Laura, the creative mind behind Ellie Inspired, released a new pattern on Friday, it is called

Jazzy Baby.

My daughter was already wearing her version on Friday to daycare (she wouldn't take it off after trying it on), because I was pattern testing for Laura. The length was perfect, and this little skirt is so easy to sew, but offers such great possibilites of adding your own style, that you will totally love it.

Did you know that you can now download pdf-patterns from etsy instantly? How wonderful is that? No more work for the shop owner, asking for your email and sending it out manually, but woosh, one click, and it's on your device. Great work, etsy team!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Parsley Pants

I was so lucky - I belong to the group that was testing Rae's new pattern, the parsley pant.

It is very versatile, with 3 pant options and 3 pocket options - so dozens of possibilities to play around.

I started with a pant for my six year old son, and decided to go with the pleat box pockets - never done them before, but smart for a boy. The explanations are so great, it was very easy to do them.
In fact, there is only one pattern piece for the pant (cut out twice) so this pant (as a basic version) can be finished in an hour. Really!

I took my son to the big evil fabric discounter store, and he choose the fabric (initially, he wanted some patriotic one, but I could talk him out of it) - it was one we could both agree on.

Can you see the pockets? Well hidden in the fabric pattern....

While shopping, a tiny voice was saying over and over again: Is that for me? Is that for me? ooh - cute! Is that for me?
Someone is really used to being sewn for...

So I thought from the beginning, maybe there will be enough fabric left to make a skirt for her. But, acutally, afer finishing the boy's pants, there was enough fabric left for another pair of pants in size 3! Hooray (so: 2 yards of fabric,  24 Dollars = 2 pants).

And so a very happy young lady got her own pair of parsly pants:

For her, I choose the slouch pockets. And just as I started to sew them to the leg, I saw the cute elastic ruffle behind my machine (I am not good at tidying up after sewing...) so I added a little bit of girly fun:

And then I thought I would love to make some nice pictures of both. Oh gosh, I ended up promising chocolat for ONE good shot ;-) 

Not sure if these two are the born models. Or maybe I am just a bad photographer....

Anyways, head over to Rae, see the other examples and beautiful kids, and buy your own copy of the parsley pant pattern - it is every cent worth it. And usable from size 1 to 10.

Thanks, Rae, for letting me do the testing,
and see you all soon


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Found this piece of fabric...

In the sales bin.
Looks a little like liberty of London.
Turns out it is enough for a Colette sorbetto top.

Monday, March 18, 2013

I Love to buy fabric,

So I am not used to recycle, but I should do it more often.
Here I turned an old t-shirt of my husband into one for my son.
It took less than 30 minutes.
And the most annoying part - the arm seams - already done. Awesome!
Have five more to go :-)
Pattern: play ball raglan / Ellie inspired

Friday, March 15, 2013

I am so sorry

I hate them too, these capchas,
But today alone I got 10 spam comments :-(
I never got a single one in 4 years on my German blog, so I never thought I would have to use the security system.
But this is seriously no fun.

Hope I might be able to find a different solution soon.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I need a green t-shirt with a leprechaun

my son told me today.
And he added: I am now going to draw one, and you have to make a T-Shirt of it.
A green one!
I need it for the St. Patricks Day celebration on Friday.

a mere 5 minutes later, a drawing lay in front of me.

It took me some thinking how to manage this order, the help of my neighbors (my printer broke), and some time, but I made it:

Can't wait to see him discovering it tomorrow morning.
And can't wait to make him try it on.
(Will go to bed now nevertheless *g*)

I used photo fabric and litesteamaseam2, lightweight knit fabric and the "flashback skinny Tee" pattern from made by Rae.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Get a clue...

To be honest,I didn't have the tiniest bit of a clue who Nancy Drew is when I saw the announcement for the blog hop.

I had to google her :-)
But I really liked the fabric line, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a smart, fearless young woman as a role model for young readers. Reminded me of the Enid Blyton books I loved so much when I was a kid... Do you read there books here in the US? The famous five?

When I received my online ordered fabric, I was astonished how big the pictures on the panel where. And did you realize how cute the selvage is?

The blog hop was shifted, and I kind of lost the task out of my eye...

So the reminder about the hop start came, and guess what? Me still clueless...
I first thought that it would be great to do an ebook or tablet cover, but meanwhile, I had bought some in  a store....

First of all, I decided what to do with my left overs (I knew I would have some:) Turn two of the book covers from the panel into a really simple library tote. So I sat a large quantity of the fabric aside, but I think, that was a good decision. This fabric makes a wonderful library tote:

The bag doesn't have a front and back, it has two equally nice sides:

And here is a picture of the handles:

And then, suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do for my main project : a book pillow!

Since having one, I really enjoy reading on my ebook-reader. No additional light necessary, so lightweigt, all my books in one small place.
But some books one just has to read the old fashion way - how inconvenient ;-)
That was the moment I remembered the "Lese Lotte" (something like: "reading Roberta") a pillow that holds the book for the reader. No pattern available. So I kept on google-ing, and came up with a free pattern for a "Buchkissen" (book pillow):

So here it is, my Nancy Drew project:

put the book on the pillow and strap it down, so it stays open on the side you are just reading:

From the side it looks like this:

and without a book like this:

It's not a mistake you can see the selvage on the top side, I really like the look. of it, like a divider for the two fabrics:

The cover has a zipper, so it can be easily removed for washing (the inlet is filled with grains)

So what am I reading?
I am quite sure you tried to figure it out :-)

The giving quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini :-) I am sure a lot of you read it too.
I really, really love this series of quilting themed books, but I was a little disappointed by the last one (The weddding quilt?), which was very short and and a little bit dull. So i decided to check the new one out at the library rather than buying it.
So far, I am really enjoying it. Much better than the wedding quilt.

I am really delighted that I was able to combine my most favorite hobbies in this project.

and finally here is the reason why I am not as present as usually on the internet this time:
a good friend of mine is visiting from Germany at the moment and staying with us. We met in middle school and have been friends ever since. She is even the godmother of my oldest daughter. She "volunteered" to model how it looks like to use the book pillow:

(Of course, usually even germans don't wear coats in bed. we just came home from a trip...)

She never heard of a book pillow before but liked it immediately. Might be I have to make a second one....

Thanks to Madame Samm and Carole for the organization of this blog hop - you are doing a wonderful job, as always! It is always such a pleasure to work as a group and see all the wonderful projects show up on blogs around the world.

please check out my fellow day-mates:

The German Mom  <----- (you are here)

this blog hop will continue for another whole week, so there will a lot more projects to discover...

Have a great day

PS if you want to make a book pillow too and need help with the directions, please let me know. I can help you with the translation and the conversion of the measurements.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's all about me bloghop

Today is the second last day of the 

blog hop. And it is "my day"

all these wonderful blogs are on the schedule today:

The German Mom  <------- here you are

Marlene and Madame Samm did a wonderful job keeping us all together. Thanks so much!

So, what did I do?

First of all, I have to admit that it was pretty difficult for me to come up with an idea for what I wanted to make out of it.
And so the bloghop did start and I was still thinking about what to do....

And then, finally, I knew where I wanted to go....

Think of Marilyn Monroe, Tomato soup and Andy Warhol - do you know what I mean?

My daughter recognized it, so you might too :-)

And here are all the four lovely ladies one by one:

  Miss blue: 

Miss Orange: 

Miss Green:

and Miss Red:

and guess who came up with the slogan?

My hubby!

Who would have thought he could be such a genius?

This piece - all made of material I already had in my stash , I didn't buy anything new at all for it! - found a place over my sewing table

(Yes, I had to clean up my sewing table before I could take the picture, you bet!)

It is a little wonky, and I made some serious bad faults (I won't put my finger on it in case you missed them *g*), but it was to late to do it over, and I am pretty happy how it turned out in the end.

Thanks so much for stopping by, don't forget to hop over to the next blog

Spoilt Dog Quilts

and come back soon!

Have a great week - we will celebrate my son's sixth birthday today and the arriving of my good friend from Germany today.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ups, I am late...

... yesterday started the "It's all about me - bloghop.

So head over to Madame Sam to see what all the super bloghoppers made yesterday and today -
and don't forget to come back next Monday (25th) to see what I made :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Downton Abbey, tea and

English paper piecing.
First time ever.

Downton abbey over.
So sad. Not the final I have hoped for.

First hexie flower: finished.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy valentines day! Hugs and kisses

too all of you, my lovely readers!

So, today is the second last day of the hugs and kisses blog hop

and it's my turn today, together with these fellow bloggers:

Dachsies with Moxie

From This to That
Sew at Home Mummy
Everyone Deserves a Quilt
A Geeky Crafty Life
Charlottes Creations
The german Mom    <-------- you are here
Debby Kravotil Quilts

 First of all, let us blow some air kisses to Madame Samm  and Jane for the organization of this blog hop. Thank you so much!

As for valentines day, I have two "problems" with this day:

First of all, it is the day before my husbands birthday - isn't that mean? So I have to find two meaning full gifts for two following days. Not easy sometimes.

Second, I have to tell you: In Germany we celebrate this day differently. It is not a day where everybody tells everybody how much she loves him, it is a day that is reserved for romantic lovers - boyfriend and girlfriend, fiancee and husband to be, if she is lucky enough, husband and wife - and that's it. No parties at school, no teacher appreciation valentines edition lunch at school, no balloons, no treats :-) So last year, my poor son was the only child who brought nothing to preschool - because we just didn't knew what we were supposed to do for this day :-) But this year, we got it!

So, what did I make?

As a mom of four, I do have a problem with tablecloths, they are full of stains after 10 minutes on the table (which is a fraction of the time one needs for ironing it), and it is dangerous for young children. But a naked table doesn't look good either. That is why I love table runners.  

For the valentines theme, I choose hearts:

and, of course, it does lay on my table, not in the garden :-) but the light is better outside.

So for valentines day, I can imaging having a nice coffee & cake (Kaffee und Kuchen) time in the afternoon, with a nice set up table like this:

The table runner is pretty easy made, just one charm pack of valentines day fabric
Flirt by Sandy Garvais for moda
some neutral linen and thats it.

I used 4 charms of each color to make one big square and cut out a heart shape, which I ironed with heat and bond on the fabric.
I've sewn nearly the rest of the fabric together and cut in half for the border, and here we go.

I think I will even put this table runner on the table when valentines day is over, it will be pretty for every day too.

I wish you all a wonderful day, have a great time or even a party with your kids, husbands and friends, hope to see you all back soon, thank you so much for stopping by


and dont forget to hop over to the next blog