Sunday, December 30, 2012

sewing some long arm shirts for my daughter (or trying to do so)

was on my to do list for a long time.
Unfortunately, this list is unbelievable long :-)

But by now she is old enough that I can sew for a short time while she is playing around me.

So today, while cooking, I made this shirt for her.

The pattern is a german basic sewing pattern I purchased for a steal price during december:

not so bad, but the pattern is not really flattering for her toddler tummy...

I wanted to make a Raglan shirt for a long time - I love the look and they are very comfy to wear.
So when I saw yesterday that Laura from "Ellie inspired" hat an offer for her play ball Shirt (all of her patterns are still on sale! , I decided to  buy it. I love the conceptional design her patterns - all the basic informations she provides, the supply informations, and the format she choose, like a small book. Very comfortable to work with.

Look what I produced with her pattern:

How did the shirt became a dress / tunic?

I love to add an extra inch to the seam of the shirt, so they are not too short ( I hate to short, tummy revealing shirts). I think this extra inch was the first error I made. And then: I didn't fold over the seam twice, but only once (I don't like bulky seams). Making the addition, there are about 2 inches I "added", and if you take them away, the tunic becomes a shirt again.

I have to admit that I was even thinking about making the shirt in a size 3 instead of a size 2, so that it will fit a while. Luckily, I didn't do it *lol*

I think about adding a little bit of embellishment to the dress so that it doesn't look like a nightgown any more *g*

But the fit is really good.

Don't you like the cute deer fabric? I found it on etsy, it is a four half yard bundle, and I made these two shirts with about half the amount I bought. So there is more to come :-)

Next position on my endless to do list: a fleece jacket for my son, and some shirts. Hope they don't turn out as dresses as well. Not sure he would wear them *g*

Sunday, December 23, 2012

merry christmas the german-american way

In Germany, the most important Christmas day is the 24th.
And so our main celebration and the "Bescherung" (the gift giving) will be today.
Usually, the family gathers in the afternoon, and our family always went to church to see the nativity play in which our daughter paricipated for 6 years in a row, then we had "Kaffee und Kuchen" (coffee and cake), a tradition my american friends can't really appreciate, then the "Weihnachtsmann" (Santa Claus) came to bring the presents for the kids. Unfortunately, he sometimes came while we where still in church.

As usually, we will trim our tree in the morning of the 24th. But I think, next year we will go with the american way and set it up in the beginning of december. It just makes more sense to me :-)

So my kids are looking forward to a lot of presents tomorrow afternoon, and then to filled stockings on the morning of the 25th. They appreciate all things american that mean even more presents :-)

I didn't make a lot of handmade christmas gifts this year, I was just too busy working. But that's okay with me.

For a friend I made an "owl beauty pillow" last week, I knew she would love it, and it is such fun to make it:

It is embellished with woven ribbon and pompom fringe, and on the bag it has a pocket on the back  to store some secrets or an iPod:

(Just in case you think you have already seen this, it was in an Ottobre magazine this year)

And for our favorite neighbors, and Tessas gymnastic teacher, I made some angels (embroiderd in the hoop) and added some candy in nice bags:

I plannend on making at least 5 more for more of our neigbors, but I think it depends on how early my daughter will wake up tomorrow if I will still make it or not :-)

I wish you all merry christmas,
thanks so much for stopping by

Friday, December 21, 2012

Seeking a friend for the end of the world

I assume it is not to late yet, as we have 12.30 am PST and I am still alive.

So, if I am right, go and get this movie out of a red box or or where ever you can find it:

Seeking a friend for the end of the world.

Saw it this evening with my hubby - just in case :-)

Totally loved it. Great actors, wonderful story, so much fun.

Great to forget about all stuff that has to be done until christmas.

Have a wonderful, peaceful fourth Advent (the last weekend before christmas).
I think we all need a lot of peace this weekend. No more dead kids, please.
My heart goes out to the families in Newtown who will have their worst christmas ever. The first of many.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

small presents

Every time  I have to come up with a small present, I go back to a beloved pattern:

Lieselotte Hoppenstedt.

I really love the clean form of this pouch, and the pattern is as versatile as the pouch itself. You can make it of one fabric or two, add embroidery and or woven ribbon (if you are German, always take both *g*).

Today  I made one for Tessas beloved day care teacher:

I hope she will like it!

Up to some last minute gifts, too? Have a productive week :-)

pattern: Lieselotte Hoppenstedt / Farbenmix (available in english too!)
fabric: isso ecco by Lecien, corduroy by sew mama sew (2011)
woven ribbon: Farbenmix

Friday, December 14, 2012

Did you know...

that Sweat Fleece is not stretching?

I didn't. I just thought that Fleece is strechting, Sweat is stretching, so Sweat Fleece would be too.

But that explains why my five year old now has a really hot pant:

And why it wasn't a good idea to take a fitted girls pant pattern anyway *lol*

it should have been a comfy sweat pant. Obviously, it is not.

I wasn't under a lucky star, as, after reopening the basting and attaching the front and neck band, I ended up with this result for my christmas tunic dress:

yuck! Don't know what went wrong.
But I have to ripp all the seams open again and give it a new try.

These are the moments I think about selling my sewing machine and buying industrial manufactured cloths instead.

Have a great weekend

Monday, December 10, 2012

no time, no sew

Really, I have no time to sew at all at the moment.
And I had so much to do....

Nevertheless, I decided to participate in a (german) christmas dress sew along this year. And it is not for the kids, it is for ME!

I think the last piece I sew for me was made in what? June?
Now it's my term!

If it wasn't for the sew along, I would have a new UFO by now - no time, you now! But the sew along keeps me going

Today, I basted the dress so I could try it on - wanna have a glimpse?

I love it!

I bought the wonderful Amy Butler Cameo Voile at the cyber monday sale at the Intrepid Thread - 3 yards of voile for less then 30 bucks. I really love this fabric.

Now I have to reopen the basting (sigh - it looks and feels so finished already) - after working, cooking,  homework, chores... working again.

Have a great week!