Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tea collection wrap dress knock off

I do love the style of tea collection.

If I would have the money, my youngest would wear the whole collection. Unfortunately, she is the youngest of four, so I am not able to spend 30 Dollars on a tiny dress in size 2. Especially as she herself doesn't care if she wears some stylish brand or Walmart or Thrift store. So no excuses to buy expensive stuff :-(
My favorite dress is the wrap dress. If available, I would buy it in my size, too.

Then I found a pattern on the Internet. And thought: That... could be it...

I had to make some alterations, and I am not done yet, but have a look:

La piece de resistance:

and my knock off:

next time I gonna make the neckband wider, and I think, then I will be where I want to be :-)
Next time I will have a look around for some tea collection style fabric too. I know I already have some in my washer room.

pattern: Lieblingstunika (favorite tunic), only available in german
fabric: German interlock

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Up to date :-)

Did you see the beautiful tablerunner on Ellison lane today?

Guess what I was working on the last days? Yes, a table runner! Okay, mine is not as sophisticated as that one (I love it!), but my whole family liked it. All kids, boys and girls, and my husband. Never happend to me before....

This was my first time quilting in 3/4 inch wide stripes across the quilt. Not sure if I will ever do it again *g*
I only quilted top and batting, and then sew together top and backing right side on right side, leaving an opening to turn out. I love the modern, sleek look without binding! What is just another way to admit that I am not very good in bindings either.

Next table runner is already in work - this one will need a washing each other day, I am sure.


fabric: Joy charmpack by Kate Spain for moda
backing: Leftover of a JoAnns fabric from last year

Friday, November 16, 2012

First try

The first try with a new sewing pattern is always extcing - could be good, could be a major waste of time.

I love this pattern, but will have to make some adjustments the next time.
And avoid some technical errors.

But I love the pictures I took from my daughter.
She is not quite a great model, but it makes me laugh:

I needed all this pictures so I can discuss my errors with my online sewing group.
I think my fault was that I did not stretch the fold over elastic enough. And this special one might be to heavy for the fabric.

Next week, next try *g*

Have a great weekend

pattern & knit fabrics: german (Erbsenprinzessin and emmeline-design).
Please feel free to ask for further details.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two caps...

for my younger children.
We had a lantern parade, a typical german thing to do on November 11th.
If you want to participate in one, check out the announcements at the german saturday schools in your area, I am sure you will find one (next year *g*).

Even in California, there is sometimes need for a cap, because it can be windy and cool-ish.

I didn't sew this pattern for a long time, and I was to lazy to read the instructions again.
cap Nr. 1 will go into the dumpster ASAP:

number two turned out really well:

Guess who likes to wear his cap and who takes hers of every ten seconds?

Both had a lot of fun:

pattern: klimperklein

fabrics: all knits, imported from Germany.

Monday, November 5, 2012

I didn't make anything for halloween.

I mean, I did not sew anything for Halloween.
It was just not important enough for me to use my rare time to make a costume for one day....

But I made a handmade birthday gift today, for a friend of my daughter's:

Pouch with Zipper, the pattern is Lieselotte Hoppenstedt by Farbenmix, the main fabric is Tula Pink turtle bay olive (Prince Charming).
The woven ribbon is by Farbenmix, too,
and the name is embroidered by machine (I love my embroidery machine!)

And as a dear coworker, who is always carsharing with me, had her birthday saturday, I gave her a zipper pouch to and inside was a large shopping bag - we will have the new law charging for paperbags in January, too (finally!!!) so I think she might have good use of it.

these are two wonderful Lecien fabrics (Isso ecco series), the same great linen/cotton quality as Kokka fabric, and you get the prints for about 6.50 Dollar now - a yard!
I ordered mine in this etsy shop - it was here after two days only, and every request of mine (more? even more?) was answered in instants....

Have a great week,