Thursday, October 25, 2012

hand made birthday gift

I made a doll carry cot for my daughters baby.
She loves to carry it around and often snuggles it in whatever she finds - teatowls, quilts, blankets, or even (used) cleaning cloths *yak*

So I thought this might be a good idea.

I own an ottobre magazin, with a pattern inside:

I won't lie to you: it was a pain.
I really hate this o so short how tos in the Ottobre. No pictures, no explications, just a lot of guessing.
I made it, though - using my own way sometimes because I just couldn't get what I was supposed to do:

I hope she will like it an leave my cleaning cloths alone :-)

 corduroy : sewmamasew (last year)
lining: Lecien / folkheart

Birthday girl

but Friday my litlle daughter turns 2.

Last year she had a birthday dress made with "Children at play" by Sarah Jane.

So, this year, guess what? I choose "Out to sea" by Sarah Jane. I really love this fabric series.

The dress is done, just the buttons on the back are still missing. Tomorrow is another day :-)

Monday, October 15, 2012

I would be able to scream: Done!

But I can't, just because I ran out of thread.

4 inches before being finished.

It just soooooo mean:

and I don't have any similar thread at home.
So, trip to J tomorrow.

For the back, I used some Anna Maria Horner little folks flannel.

Just the best for the doll :-)

(I bought this flannel in Germany (!) about 2 years ago for my daughters receiving blanket, and  I have only a mere half yard left).

Friday, October 12, 2012

I just couldn't stop...

... and went on until midnight.

This is my favorite arrangement for the blogs. I think.

the good thing about it: I am done. I don't need more blogs for the doll quilt.

the bad thing about it: I am done. It was so much fun, I would love to go on.

I followed the suggestion and made fussy cuts for the middle:

Farbenmix: Eulenreigen (corduroy)

Monica Lee: Now we are goin places

Riley Blake: Hoos in the forest

Farbenmix: Flora Fox

Farenmix Flipies

Kate Spain: Terrain

fortune cookie from a San Francisco fabric 

I already now which fabric I will use for the back, I have some Anna Maria Little Folks flannel left ( from my daughters receiving blanket). So I gonna have a head start :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

not that I ever finished the first quilt I started joining a quilt along...

... *sigh*

I screwed so up with my calculations, that after one year, there are still 3 or so blogs missing.
Can't bring myself to finish it....

But - it's my daughters second birthday this months, and I want to make her a doll quilt because she always uses my kitchen towels to wrap her "babies" (dolls).

So, can't be this hard to finish a tiny doll quilt, measuring about 20 x 30 inches, can it?

Count me in, I am joining this quilt along:

I hope I will finish it in time this year.
And THEN, when  I am done with this one, I gonna finish the "across the sea" quilt I started last year.

I already made 5 blogs today, this is so much fun!

all the memories coming up working with this fabrics....