Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a new pattern...

Do you know that? You have so many things in your mind you want to sew that you just end up doing no sewing at all because you just can't decide what to do first?
I'm in that state since last week....

And while I was waiting for some passion to come over me, I found a sewing pattern, that I wanted to buy for a long time, for a reduced price on DAWANDA.

And so instead of making some of the things I wanted to do for weeks (and while waiting for a fabric delivery for an make to order project), I just started to sew a little skirt for my little daughter yesterday.
Amazing: In small sizes, one basically doesn't need more fabric than 3 fat quaters.
Just add some  a lot of trim, and you are done.

(1.30 am)

My husband said, as it was i little tight for him, he would give it to my daughter *g*

My daughter loved the skirt at once because of the big pockets. She just loves to carry stuff around. And I am sure there will be a lot of more skirts coming!

(notice to my self: do not ask the daughter to be my model before she had breakfast)

Fabric: findings at my local fabric store
Trim: waistband: Riley Blake, on the skirt: Farbenmix
pattern: (in German only)

behind the scenes: I LOVE to clean up my kitchen at 2.00 am. Really. Wish I had a sewing room with a door I could just close behind me after midnight....