Sunday, May 27, 2012

the coolest playground in town - AT&T Park play area

Of course you now that our Giants play the AT&T Park.

A beautiful spot at the Embarcadero. But watch out!

But did you know that the AT&T Park has a little "playground" inside the stadium that you can use for free?

Just make sure the Giants are not in Town and playing....

First, you have a great view on the field, and there is even a cable car trolley you can climb on (sorry, no picture).

Then you come to the play area:

My son loves to go sliding inside the giant Coca-Cola bottle...

(the silver tubes are the slides)

and you can practice your baseball-skills too (bats, balls, T - everything is there to use)

Have fun!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The new Mission Dolores Park Playground in San Francisco

In January 2011, we had temporary housing in "the city" (Thanks very much, it was a great month - will never forget it!).
So we had a not-to-kid-friendly apartment, 4 kids 3 months to 11 years old and great weather - it was like summer!

The mission dolores park was our "park next door", and so we found  the playground pretty fast - and fell in love with it...

It was kind of out-dated, lovely, old, not to boring kid safe, and it had the best view ever over the city.
At daytime, the Mission Dolores Park is totally relaxed, with lots of people laying around, making music...

When we saw months later that they tore the playground down, my kids nearly started to cry: That was OUR playground!

So we waited impatiently for the re-opening...

It is now called Helen Dillier Playground, and it was designed by professionals and kids together. It is a one of a kind play ground, totally unusual, but see for yourself:

The entrance (no gates here!)

Standing at the smaller kids section, you see the middle of the playground: a big vulcano like mountain, on the one side is a big and wide slide

on the other side a bridge to a build in the ground slide downhill (narrow and fast).

There are several possibilities to go up hill, the stairs, or just climb up the wall

The smaller kids section contains a sand area

Some riding animals

some things to make music with

And two (!) baby swings (seriously? Such a big playground and TWO baby swings?)

This is the build in the ground slide:

(If you plan to go sliding with your kid, be sure  not to get stuck - it happens to the best of us *sigh* - I am a size 8)

The great view is still the same:

(be sure that your toddler doesn't go sliding while you take pictures....)

This was a wednesday afternoon - pretty busy!

Then go back to the vulcano-like moutain on the other side, there are large climbing webs

and the swings for bigger kids

I really love that there is as swing for handicapped children too!

Between the vulcano and the smaller kids area are some multi-purpose play structures

Of wood an concrete

I love these little details on the ground

You can see, this is everything but your ordinary seen one, seen all oft them playground around the corner. This is a one of a kind experience you - and your kids! Should not miss.
It is a great playground for older kids,  I would say for kids between 6 - 12 years old, for younger ones (older than toddlers, but pre-school) it is perhaps a little bit scary (pretty high structures) and overwhelming.
For parents, it is not easy to relax on this playground, you will have trouble to keep your children visible, and if you half children of different age groups - good luck :-)

What I miss is the cozy, relaxed feeling of the old playground, this one is just a little bit of hyper - it is great for a one time visit, but can you imagine this being your back-door playground? I hardly can....

By the way, if you are around,
don't miss this:

Grab a cone of ice cream at Bi-Rite (but prepare to stand in line if the weather is good) or grab some delis at Bi Rite market  and had over to Tartine to see what the hype is all about (prepare to stand in line at any time of the day).

Have fun!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's my turn with baseball-snacks tomorrow

but instead of using a brown paper bag,
I decided to make some reusable fabric-bags.
And while I was preparing the bags, my embroidery-machine made the name tags.
Hope the guys and girls will like them.

These are simple drawstring-bags.
You will only need about 2 yards of fabric (this one is from JoAnns, 2 yards for 6.40 Dollars) and some twill. And a little bit of time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Recycling and re-use

My husband is pretty tall. He wears Jeans size 38/34.
That's a lot of fabric *g*

So when he gave me two old jeans of his (broken between the legs beyond repair...)

I decided to make a new pair of jeans for my daughter with it.

I thought I could use one of the (still unused) patterns on my shelf and took this one: Kleine Klamotte by Farbenmix (not available in english).

After tracing the pants, I noticed that there was still a lot of fabric left, and with some twists, I was even able to trace the whole shirt! Wow - 1 jeans = 1 new jeans AND a shirt!

It looked like a massacre:

but I ended up with a nice pile of pieces:

As I tent to loose pieces while sewing, I started to stuck them into ziplock bags:

I started with the shirt, and it is not finished yet

(partly because I made some pretty silly things while sewing... Of course you can see my error!)

partly because I am always working on three projects at a time..

But I hope I will be done soon.