Tuesday, December 18, 2012

small presents

Every time  I have to come up with a small present, I go back to a beloved pattern:

Lieselotte Hoppenstedt.

I really love the clean form of this pouch, and the pattern is as versatile as the pouch itself. You can make it of one fabric or two, add embroidery and or woven ribbon (if you are German, always take both *g*).

Today  I made one for Tessas beloved day care teacher:

I hope she will like it!

Up to some last minute gifts, too? Have a productive week :-)

pattern: Lieselotte Hoppenstedt / Farbenmix (available in english too!)
fabric: isso ecco by Lecien, corduroy by sew mama sew (2011)
woven ribbon: Farbenmix

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