Sunday, December 30, 2012

sewing some long arm shirts for my daughter (or trying to do so)

was on my to do list for a long time.
Unfortunately, this list is unbelievable long :-)

But by now she is old enough that I can sew for a short time while she is playing around me.

So today, while cooking, I made this shirt for her.

The pattern is a german basic sewing pattern I purchased for a steal price during december:

not so bad, but the pattern is not really flattering for her toddler tummy...

I wanted to make a Raglan shirt for a long time - I love the look and they are very comfy to wear.
So when I saw yesterday that Laura from "Ellie inspired" hat an offer for her play ball Shirt (all of her patterns are still on sale! , I decided to  buy it. I love the conceptional design her patterns - all the basic informations she provides, the supply informations, and the format she choose, like a small book. Very comfortable to work with.

Look what I produced with her pattern:

How did the shirt became a dress / tunic?

I love to add an extra inch to the seam of the shirt, so they are not too short ( I hate to short, tummy revealing shirts). I think this extra inch was the first error I made. And then: I didn't fold over the seam twice, but only once (I don't like bulky seams). Making the addition, there are about 2 inches I "added", and if you take them away, the tunic becomes a shirt again.

I have to admit that I was even thinking about making the shirt in a size 3 instead of a size 2, so that it will fit a while. Luckily, I didn't do it *lol*

I think about adding a little bit of embellishment to the dress so that it doesn't look like a nightgown any more *g*

But the fit is really good.

Don't you like the cute deer fabric? I found it on etsy, it is a four half yard bundle, and I made these two shirts with about half the amount I bought. So there is more to come :-)

Next position on my endless to do list: a fleece jacket for my son, and some shirts. Hope they don't turn out as dresses as well. Not sure he would wear them *g*

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