Friday, December 14, 2012

Did you know...

that Sweat Fleece is not stretching?

I didn't. I just thought that Fleece is strechting, Sweat is stretching, so Sweat Fleece would be too.

But that explains why my five year old now has a really hot pant:

And why it wasn't a good idea to take a fitted girls pant pattern anyway *lol*

it should have been a comfy sweat pant. Obviously, it is not.

I wasn't under a lucky star, as, after reopening the basting and attaching the front and neck band, I ended up with this result for my christmas tunic dress:

yuck! Don't know what went wrong.
But I have to ripp all the seams open again and give it a new try.

These are the moments I think about selling my sewing machine and buying industrial manufactured cloths instead.

Have a great weekend

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