Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Up to date :-)

Did you see the beautiful tablerunner on Ellison lane today?

Guess what I was working on the last days? Yes, a table runner! Okay, mine is not as sophisticated as that one (I love it!), but my whole family liked it. All kids, boys and girls, and my husband. Never happend to me before....

This was my first time quilting in 3/4 inch wide stripes across the quilt. Not sure if I will ever do it again *g*
I only quilted top and batting, and then sew together top and backing right side on right side, leaving an opening to turn out. I love the modern, sleek look without binding! What is just another way to admit that I am not very good in bindings either.

Next table runner is already in work - this one will need a washing each other day, I am sure.


fabric: Joy charmpack by Kate Spain for moda
backing: Leftover of a JoAnns fabric from last year

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  1. -ganz einfach und super schön! Die Stoffe habe ich auch hier, aber leider als Jelly Roll, und kann ich vor Weihnachten nicht mehr verarbeiten, no time too....