Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pattern testing - Josipa bag by Gretelies

No, I wasn't asked if I would do some pattern tasting, I asked if it would be able to get a new pattern of a well beloved German designer - Gretelies - to do pattern testing. And Anne was so kind to choose me.

As soon as I saw the pattern, I thought of some retro-style fabric for the bag. And sewmamasew came just along with an announcement, that Flea Market Fancy is on sale. Wohou!

This is the finished bag - do you see the nice shape of the flap?

Recently, I love to do piping. It just gives such a finished look

the back of the bag

(Yes, flea market fancy even on the inside)

This is the inside under construction

I didn't made the straps following the instructions, because I wanted the one fabric to overlap at the outside

On the flap I added some embroidery - yes, I sew euro *g*
(embroidery file: schwedische Tischdecke

The pattern includes two versions for the flap (this one an a rectangular one), directions for a exchangeable flap and a kids version of the bag.
The pattern is not available in english right now, but if you are interested in an english version, please let me know, I think we will be able to persuade Anne to make one.

I really love the flea market fancy fabric, and I think it is a great fit for this bag.
The next days, you will find a version of this bag in my etsy shop - but with the fabric of the body for the flap, and the flap fabric for the body - please come again to check it out!


  1. Hallo Tina, hab deinen Blog gerade durch deine tolle Tasche bei Ellison Lane gefunden. Hier ist ja sonst noch gar keiner! Da werde ich mal den Anfang machen. Hab aber auch gesehen, dass du ja diverse Blogs pflegst. Ich finde den hier sehr spannend. Ich bin mit einem Ami verheiratet, aber er lebt dort (Texas) und ich hier in Berlin - jaja, ganz großes Kino :( Hoffentlich werden wir demnächst auch mal im gleichen Land wohnen. Ich habe gerade meine ersten 2 Fotobellas genäht, aber noch nicht geblogged und dabei auch das Paspeln entdeckt.
    Vielleicht hast du ja auch Lust bei mir vorbei zu schauen. Viele Grüße aus good old Germany ;-)

  2. Great bag! The piping and embroidery make for a really nice finish.

  3. Beautiful bag and great attention to details! Thanks for entering it into the contest. Good luck!