Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guess what?

I have an appointement for a job interview.
At JoAnns Fabrics :-)

They pay minimum wage, but honestly, I would do it for the fun of having a job outside my home that pays for the necessary childcare. And for working in a fabric store. :-)
(I think my hubby is a little afraid that by the end of the month I won't get a paycheck but owe them money *g*)

So I thought it would be a nice idea to wear a me-made dress to the job interview.
Here it comes: my diplomat dress (pattern bought at JoAnns for 1 Dollar!) made of JoAnns Fabric ( I wanted to buy some Lisette-Fabric, but they didn't have left enough of the one I wanted).

I really loved working with this pattern. I didn't make any alterations, and it fits perfectly. Love it!
I gonna make a second one for sure, and I gonna try the portfolio dress next.
You got me, Liesl Gibson!

The piping was my addition (I am pretty obsessed with piping at the moment *g*).
Do you like it?


PS I will let you know about the interview.


  1. Viel Glueck beim Bewerbungsgespraech, ich wuerde bei diesem Job garantiert mehr Stoff als Geld nach Hause bringen. Kleid sieht super aus!

  2. That's a lovely dress! I hope you got the job!

  3. Good luck with the interview - your dress should do the trick:-)